There are many reasons why Porsche people purchased their Porsche. There are opportunities to compete, either in a driving event such as the club race, high performance driver education programs, rallying, or autocross. There are opportunities to show off your car by seeing if you can get it judged to be as clean as the day it rolled out off the production line. Some of us want to mix social events with experiencing driving the car in a non-competitive environment on some of the most scenic roads in our area of the country while going to a designated destination together.

Touring accommodates the latter reason for purchasing a Porsche, and according to the national PCA organization is the fastest growing area of interest in the regional clubs. We will visit interesting destinations such as wineries, museums, out of the way restaurants, and scenic overlooks, while driving some of the most interesting roads in the southeast.

We will combine that with the social side by "parading" our cars for the viewing enjoyment of others on the road, and enjoying eating together along the way. It is pretty amazing watching the reaction to 20 or more Porsches coming down the road in a line, or when we line them up at a stop or destination. Invariably it draws a crowd, causing conversations to pop up on year, model, and why you chose to purchase this specific car, giving us the opportunity to share our enthusiasm with others.

Watch for announcements in the near future for dates and destinations. Our plan for the coming year is to have six driving tours, with a variety of destinations and tour lengths to include both one day events and at least one overnight tour.

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