As our tours have grown in popularity we have found it necessary to break the participants into multiple driving groups. This requires us to have group leaders and sweepers, and PCA has set minimum tour standards requiring leaders and sweepers. Failure to meet this requirement could result in loss of PCA provided liability insurance and therefore cancellation of events. Leaders are provided a GPS unit which is pre-programmed with the route, so it is an easy job to perform. We are experimenting with the use of two way radios for the leaders and sweepers, so that they can stay in contact with each other during the driving portions of the tour. Most tours require four group leaders, of which the tour leader is one, so three additional group leaders are needed. Ideally we should have a sweeper in each group.

PCA requires the tour leader to publish the names, car color and model, and phone numbers of the group leaders and sweepers to the tour participants so that everyone is clear on who the leaders and sweepers are, and so that they can contact them at any time during the tour if needed. I have attempted to get volunteers during registration for the events in the past, but this has been hit or miss. I would like to create a group of leaders and sweepers who will participate on a regular (but not necessarily every tour) basis. I would also like to have the group leaders assist in organizing and lining up the cars into their groups after sign-in for the tours to speed up our departures.

The following outlines duties of group leaders and sweepers and navigators:

  1. Group leader and sweeper vehicles must have a driver and navigator.
  2. Group leaders will check-out a GPS unit provided by the tour leader and both leader and sweeper will check-out a radio from the tour leader. They are to be returned at the end of the tour.
  3. The group leader will assist in lining up the vehicles in their group (as assigned by the tour leader)
  4. The navigator for leaders and sweepers is also the communicator. This leaves the driver free to keep both hands on the wheel.
  5. Navigators for group leader and sweeper provide phone numbers to tour leader in advance.
  6. Group leaders will set the speed for the group. Posted speed limits are the expectation.
  7. Group leaders should pay attention to the group following them to insure everyone has seen turns, made it through intersections, traffic signals or stop signs, and are reasonably together. It is impossible to prevent some cars from getting mixed into our groups, but be sure all of your group members are with you.
  8. The sweeper will not pass anyone in their group.
  9. If a vehicle in your group has a mechanical or other issue and must pull over the sweeper will stay with them. The sweeper's navigator will call the leader's navigator to pass on information on the situation. You may need to find a place to pull the group over. Wait to do this until you find a safe place large enough to get the group off the road. Then wait to see if help is needed.
  10. If it becomes necessary to pull your group off the road, contact the tour leader via the tour leader's navigator.
  11. If a vehicle in your group must abandon the tour contact the tour leader's navigator to inform them of the situation.
  12. If you get lost contact the tour leader's navigator.

If you are willing to help, please contact Sam Mosley here.