The purpose of the PCA Minimum Driving Tour Standards is to provide each Region with the foundation on which to build their own Region Driving Tour program. These Standards were designed to be minimal in nature so that any Region can have more stringent rules, but no Region shall have any that are more lenient. Any Region conducting a driving tour must meet all the Minimum Driving Tour Standards. Definitions are included below and are part of these Standards.


Driving Tour: A driving tour is an organized event in which participants gather at a start point defined on the PCA event insurance certificate. All participants sign liability waivers and depart in a group or groups consisting of both a lead and a sweeper car(s) driving the specified route, ending in a group or groups at the location identified on the insurance certificate. PCA coverage is only in effect for the route defined by the start and end point on the insurance certificate and driven by the participants who have signed waivers for that driving tour. Participants who intentionally separate themselves from the group are considered to have left the driving tour and may no longer be covered under PCA insurance.

Note 1: If your Region conducts driving tour events that meet this definition and you do not obtain a Certificate of Insurance and collect waivers, then your event, Region, Region's officers, you and PCA may not be covered by insurance and all may be exposed to potential liability in the event of an incident.

Note 2: If your Region conducts driving tour events that do not meet this definition, even if you obtain a Certificate of Insurance and collect waivers, then your event may not be covered by PCA's insurance.

Tour Leader: This person is responsible for the overall planning and execution of the driving tour. This includes coordinating the tour start point, end point, rest stops, etc. Additionally, the tour leader is responsible for ensuring an adequate participant safety briefing is conducted in accordance with these Minimum Driving Tour Standards.

Group Leader: For driving tours with multiple groups, the group leader(s) are responsible for leading their respective groups in compliance with all instructions outlined by the tour leader and all Minimum Driving Tour Standards.

Sweeper: Also called the trailing or following car, the sweeper is the car at the tail end of the tour or group. The sweeper's duties include assisting any tour vehicle that pulled over, advising the tour/group leader if vehicles became separated from the group and advising the tour/group leader about any unsafe driving practices by a tour participant so the tour/group leader(s) can take appropriate action.

Insurance Certificate: The official liability insurance certificate issued by PCA showing the insurance coverage, date of the event, and the start and end points for the event.

Waiver Forms: The official forms that protect PCA and the event organizers as listed in the waiver form from being sued by the participants in the event of an incident. "Release and Waiver of Liability" forms for both adults and minors are published on the website and in the Region Procedures Manual (RPM).

Tour Route: Each driving tour follows a specified route as planned by the tour leader and documented in the written (or electronic) driving directions.


Waivers and Insurance o A PCA liability insurance certificate shall be requested from PCA National on the insurance request form published on and in the RPM. A hard copy shall be available when participants check in and carried by the tour leader on the tour.

▪ Notify PCA National within 24 hours if a tour is cancelled.

▪ Notify PCA National prior to the tour date if the start or end location is changed.

▪ There shall be an established method to ensure ALL participants sign the waiver(s) and receive the safety briefing prior to tour start. If other participants join the route at an intermediate point or start from an alternate location, they shall also sign the waiver form(s) and receive a safety briefing prior to tour participation.

▪ At least one parent/guardian shall sign the "Minors as Observers Only Form" for each participant under the age of 18, if applicable.

▪ Driving tours shall use the colored version of the waiver forms (with the red type).

▪ All drivers shall be at least 18 years old.

Tour Conduct

▪ It is assumed each participating driver possesses a current driver's license and automobile liability insurance.

▪ The tour/group leader shall conduct a formal participant/safety briefing for all tour participants prior to driving tour departure, including all items specified in the safety briefing section below.

▪ The cell phone numbers of all tour/group leaders and sweepers shall be provided to all participants.

▪ As a minimum, route directions shall be provided to those tour participants whose primary duty is to safely navigate the tour route.

▪ Each tour shall have an assigned leader per group and a minimum of one sweeper car.

▪ Each tour/group leader and sweeper shall have a safe method of communicating within the group in compliance with local laws.

▪ For tour groups that cannot maintain visual contact within the group, each tour/group leader and sweeper car shall have a minimum of two occupants for the purpose of conducting safe/legal communications.

▪ The tour shall be conducted in compliance with speed limits and all other traffic laws.

▪ Participants who intentionally separate themselves from the group before the tour destination are no longer considered part of the tour and may no longer be covered under PCA insurance.

Post-Event Reporting

▪ All post event reporting shall be completed using the online forms on

▪ The tour leader shall complete and submit the Post Event Report to PCA within five (5) days.

▪ The tour leader shall assign someone who is not involved in planning or running the event to complete and submit the Observers Report to PCA within ten (10) days.

▪ The tour leader shall complete and submit an Incident Report to PCA, if needed, within five (5) business days (the next business day if bodily injury is involved).

A Region's repeated failure to comply with the Minimum Standards after warnings of noncompliance or refusal to adhere to these Standards could prevent the Region from obtaining PCA insurance for future driving tour events.


Tour/group leaders are in charge of conducting a safe driving tour. As a minimum, the following points shall be communicated during the safety briefing for all participants prior to tour departure:

▪ Introduce all tour/group leader(s) and sweeper(s) and identify their cars.

▪ Have all tour participants signed the relevant waiver form(s)?

▪ Safety is paramount. Driving tours are NOT competitive or high speed driving events. Individual drivers are responsible for operating their own vehicle safely.

▪ It is assumed that each participating driver has a current driver's license and automobile liability insurance. PCA also provides liability insurance that covers PCA, the Region, the event organizers and each participant while on the tour. If you intentionally separate yourself from the group, you may not be covered by this insurance.

▪ Obey speed limits and all other traffic laws.

▪ The driving directions contain details about the route, rest stops and any safety concerns or areas where the tour may have to slow to maintain safety. [Review any specific areas of concern in the driving directions.]

▪ No passing the tour/group leader(s). They set the pace.

▪ Pass non-motorized traffic and pedestrians SLOWLY, giving a wide berth.

▪ Leave a safe distance between cars, generally at least 2-3 seconds behind the car in front, or one car length for every 10MPH.

▪ If you become separated from the group, inform the driving tour/group leader or sweeper and obey all posted speed limits and other traffic laws until you rejoin the group.

▪ Drive with headlights on to increase visibility to other cars.

▪ In an emergency, pull over, stop in a safe location, turn on emergency flashers and advise the tour/group sweeper.

▪ The sweeper plays an important support role and shall advise the tour/group leader of any issues within the group.

▪ Responsibility for maintaining PCA's excellent history of safe and enjoyable events rests with each participant. Have fun and be safe!