How long do tours last?

Tours typically last between 4 and 12 hrs, and will range from under 100 miles to over 300.

What kinds of tours does Peachstate PCA offer?

Various types: exploration tours, destination tours, scenic tours, and driving tours. Sometimes we visit natural beauty, sometimes we visit a special destination, like a museum, for example; sometimes we drive to scenic areas, and sometimes, we just drive for the pleasure twisty roads and Porsches amply provide. All tours strive to have interesting routes and/or unique or fun destinations. A group lunch is usually included. At least once per year we also try to have an overnight tour. Watch the event calendar and tour announcements for details.

Do I have to sign an insurance waiver?

Yes, like every other PCA event involving a moving vehicle, it is necessary to sign the waiver. Peachstate obtains liability insurance for these events, and seeks to maintain the utmost safety during the driving tours.

I don't live near the start of the tour, can I meet the tour at some point other than the origination point?

On some tours a secondary meeting point will be designated, depending upon available time and facilities to handle all the vehicles on the tour. This does, however, require a stop of all participants on the tour to handle all the details required by PCA. If a secondary start point is designated it will be your responsibility to be there before the tour is expected to get there so as not to unnecessarily delay the tour, and you still must sign waivers, get an arm band, and hear the entire participant meeting that was presented at the original start location before the tour can proceed. As a result not all tours will have secondary start/sign-in locations. If one is designated and you plan to take advantage of it contact the tour leader in advance so that he/she knows you will not be signing in at the origination point and won't wait on you to arrive there.

Will I be called upon to be a group leader or sweeper?

PCA requires all tours to have leaders and sweepers. Depending upon the number of participants the tour may have more than one group of cars. We try to limit it to 8-10 cars per group. We ask for volunteers for leaders/sweepers, but if we don't get enough we will have to draft someone to fill in the positions in order to meet PCA minimum tour standards, which we must do to keep getting insurance. For most tours leaders will be provided a GPS unit which is pre-programmed with the tour route so you don't have to read turn-by-turn instructions while driving.

How often will we take a rest stop?

Usually every hour to 90 minutes. These areas will have adequate parking and services, including restrooms.

Can I drive spiritedly?

Tour driving always respects speed limits and normal rules of the road. We must strictly control our speed or we can lose our insurance. We fully embrace spirited, safe driving on the track or autocross course which are much safer venues due to the lack of traffic hazards, road hazards, cars driving in the same direction, safety workers present, groupings according to skill levels, etc. Please drive courteously and patiently, as multi-car caravans always require a certain amount of patience in keeping groups together.

What if I get lost?

Each car will receive an instruction set containing route instructions, rest stop locations, address and of the restaurant where the tour will end (if applicable), and the cell phone number of the Tour Leader. Other than the lead and last car, drivers should always be able to see the car in front and the car behind in their rear-view mirrors.

What kind of behavior should tour participants avoid?

Any kind of "driver attitude" such as unsafe driving, speeding, passing, and using alcohol or drugs will be grounds for being excluded from the tour.

How should I prepare for a tour?

Fill up your Porsche with gas before you arrive - don't be the person that has to make the tour stop prematurely because you weren't prepared. Also, check your tire pressure and tread depth. Make sure that your windshield is clean, and that your mirrors are properly adjusted for maximum visibility.

Do I have to drive with my headlights on?