We're a large and very active club and the nomination and election of fellow members to provide their leadership is an important part of ensuring events run safely, smoothly and profitably. Elected officers are: President, Vice‐President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their terms are for one year, with no officer serving in the same office more than two consecutive terms.

Officer nominations are made in two ways:

1. Nomination Committee: Each year, a three-member committee is appointed to identify, confirm interest and nominate candidates for each office. This committee presents a slate to the Secretary (Edward Gollob) by the October general meeting.

This year's committee of Hal Lattimore, Sam Mosley, and Mike Williford have developed the following slate of nominees for 2018 officers:

· President - Rick Daniels
· Vice President - Don Hand
· Secretary - Edward Gollob
· Treasurer - Rod Johnson

2. Ad Hoc Nomination Groups: Nominations of qualified members may also be made for an office by any group of three active members (in good standing). Groups must submit nominations in writing to the Secretaryby or before November 1. Each member of the nominating group - and the member being nominated - must sign the submission. (This can be done by emailing the nomination with each person following the group's initial submission with confirmation email.)

At the November general meeting (and via email and website), we will announce the full list of nominees for each office. If there is only one nominee for each office then we will all cheer our newly elected 2018 officers and voting will not be necessary. However, if there is more than one candidate for an office, we will distribute ballots to the membership at the November meeting as well as via email and the Peachstate website. Completed ballots will be due no later than two days before the December general meeting on Monday, December 9.

You can read more about the nomination and voting process in our Bylaws here.