The June tour was a three leg driving event with some education thrown into the mix. After gathering at Starbucks near Cumming we drove the Buford Dam road, which is winding and scenic, as the first leg of our journey to Road Atlanta. Once there we watched our fellow Porsche lovers driving the course during their DE experience. Then Bill Crumley provided a very educational description of what a DE is all about. He explained what you must do in advance if you want to get involved, as well as going over the costs, and choices you have on helmets, cloths, and how DE's might affect your car. He took numerous questions as he went through his talking points. Then he provided a warning that DE's are habit forming, and you might find yourself hooked after doing just one.

Following the DE presentation we all took advantage of the opportunity to do parade laps on the track. $20 well spent; and to make it even better the money goes to charities supported by Peachstate! The parade laps alone could have a tendency to get you hooked on wanting to come back and get to drive the track with an instructor.

Immediately following the parade laps we drove to Dahlonega to the famous Smith House, where they serve southern cooking meats and vegetables served family style. No one went away hungry, and I think everyone agreed the food was first class.

Following our nap-worthy lunch we drove further into the mountains crossing Woody's Gap, Wolfpen Gap, and Neal's Gap before ending in Cleveland. What's more we managed to do it all without any rain!

Check out the pictures in the gallery here and the parade lap video below.