May 13 dawned overcast and misty. Not what I might have hoped for on the day of our second tour for 2017, but at least not pouring down rain. A group of us met at the Chic Fil-A on North Point Pkwy, then drove to Griffin where we met an additional contingent of Porsche enthusiasts. In total we had 20 people in spite of it being Mother's Day weekend, and that they had to be unafraid that their car might get wet. In fact it sprinkled on us off and on through the morning, before turning completely sunny in the afternoon.

Our first real stop was the site of the Andersonville Civil War prison. The visitor center there has displays of the prisoner of war experience throughout America's war history, along with two movies. We also visited the national cemetery which began during the Civil War. It is still an active cemetery and any honorably discharged member of the armed services can be buried there.

From there we went to Americus for lunch before continuing to Plains and the Jimmy Carter Historic Site located in the old Plains High School. Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize is on display there, along with displays showing his history in the area, and the many humanitarian activities of the Carter Foundation around the world. Several of our members commented that they didn't realize how much of an impact the Carter Foundation was having and were glad to know a native Georgian was doing so much good.

With time running a bit short we went to Providence Canyon. Several people hiked down into the canyon and would have like to have had more time to explore there. Maybe we will go back again and not have so many stops along the way. Possibly even have a nice picnic there.

Finally we drove into Columbus to the Doubletree Hotel where we spent the night. We had a nice catered meal, and then gathered outside on the patio of Houlihan's to socialize. Everyone was on their own to explore Columbus on Sunday. I can recommend the river walk and Civil War Naval Museum, both of which I visited on Sunday.

Pictures from the trip are in our media gallery here.