The car was built by a company called Prestige Mini Motors, and after scouring eBay for more than a year I finally found one in good condition. There isn’t a lot of information online about the company or the car, but it is an metal body 6V battery powered car made in the late 70s (or early 80s) and fairly accurate in vintage for an impact bumper 930. The car had a number of dents and scratches, was missing a hubcap and didn’t run – but all in all was in great condition compared to other examples I had seen on eBay and other sites. I bought it and quickly started disassembly to begin the restoration.

Over the next few weeks Jack McAllistor, Samantha’s maternal grandfather, spent a huge amount of time with the car. First he started by scraped the frame of any rust and took it to bare metal before repainting it. He then took apart the gearbox and put in new grease to let it run as quiet and smooth as possible. The body needed to be hammered out to fix the dents, and then anything left was filled before being sanded and primed and prepped for new paint.We wanted to keep the paint as original Porsche as we could, so we pulled some vintage paint codes and all agreed to Auratium Green which was popular in the 356 Model and Jack painted the car with a few coats of automotive paint and a few clear coats on top. We decided to go ahead and trim out a section of the spoiler to be painted, as well, to try and be as accurate as possible to the 930 vintage instead of leaving it black plastic as it came.

The car was then reassembled with new screws and we started honing in on the details. A gold metal Porsche keychain was taken apart and we epoxied the crest to the hood in the correct spot. A real 930 Turbo’s rear reflector and badges were photographed and then printed on die cut vinyl so the cars rear reflector, front indicator lights, stone guards, and Turbo badge looked as real and accurate as possible.

Finally the last detail was creating new “Fuch” wheels since it was missing one. Jack found a resin casting kit and created a perfect copy of the Fuch center. It was then sanded and painted flat black like the full size version.We found a local place that would cut two sized circles of Aluminum that when epoxied together created the 3-piece effect of the Fuch rim that was then polished to resemble the Fuch outer finish. A tiny vinyl crest was placed on the centers to create small center caps to finish off the wheels. Lastly a new 6V battery and charger was purchased and on a warm Saturday we presented the car to Samantha who was beyond being excited about her “racecar.”

Jack and I both really loved going through all of this and creating a one of a kind battery powered car. I believe we had as much fun with this project as Samantha does driving it around!