There are many benefits to being a member of the Porsche Club of America. Receiving the monthly issue of "Porsche Panorama", the magazine dedicated to our selected automotive marque and the activities of PCA, is alone worth the price of membership. In addition to having access to National events such as Porsche Parade and the Treffen events now being offered, you also gain access to the events sponsored by the 144 Regions that comprise the 13 Zones that make up the Porsche Club of America. Most importantly your membership allows you to participate in the activities of the Peachstate Region here locally

On almost any given week throughout the year there are events taking place that will allow you to participate whether they be social, educational, or competitive. You will receive the "Peachstate Presse" which is the Regional newsletter as well as monthly mail notices of upcoming events and frequent email "blasts". Your membership, if presented, also provides you with a 10% discount at the local Porsche dealerships and with many of our other club sponsors as well. Feel free to come out and meet like-minded individuals who also enjoy playing with our favorite automotive icon.

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For more information, contact our region membership chair: here.