What Goes On at a Social?

Find a seat; get your drink and food order in and start asking folks you don't know what Porsche they have! We recognize new members or first time social attendees and then a little club business and sometimes have give away items or special speakers. Mostly we just enjoy each other's company.

What's the Best Way to Meet New Porsche Friends?

Ask what kind of Porsche they have! Of course, after a Social, the best way to integrate is to volunteer, volunteer, and volunteer for all the different events we have during the year. You'll get to meet and work with a lot of folks that way, and serve the fellow club members, too.

What is the Dress Code?

Don't have one but if we did, it would be casual. We are car enthusiasts for the most part, not snooty owners. We share a passion for the cars in common, and an enjoyment for each other's company. We don't care if you wear a suit and tie or wear jeans to a Social. Now we do dress up for yearend or awards banquets at nice places, but apart from that, we're pretty casual.

Why Aren't More Socials Held in South, East, or West Atlanta?

The majority of Peachstate members live north of the Perimeter, so to accommodate as many folks as possible; we tend to hold most of Socials in and around the highway 285/400 area, and sometimes around 285/75 or Duluth. And believe it or not, it's not easy finding restaurants willing to serve 50-100 people in a private room, so our choices aren't as widespread as many think. But if you'd like to host a wine tasting or some type of Social downtown, mid-town, or in south Atlanta, feel free to contact our Social chairperson and volunteer!