Event Organization

  1. Clubregistration.net will be used to register for events to manage session allocations.
  2. Depending on the number of entries the first event of each season will be a qualifying session to determine the grouping of drivers for the coming season.
  3. Depending on the number of entries drivers will be grouped into ‘divisions’ based on their performance and the maximum capacity allowed by the hardware/software combination they are using
  4. A season will consist of 6 races at different virtual representations of real race tracks.
  5. Races will take place twice a month. The exception will be endurance events that will be scheduled in advance.
  6. Different divisions may race on different days, but all divisions will complete their race at a venue before the venue changes
  7. There will be up to 4 seasons in a calendar year
  8. All races will be recorded for replay and may be broadcast
  9. Race schedule will be:
    1. Warm-up: 15mins
    2. Qualifying: 15mins
    3. Race: 30mins
  10. Learning the track and other practice is up to the individual driver to do in their own time
  11. In the event of a technical issue with the hosting software that prevents a driver from completing an event we will:
    1. Aim to restart the event if the issue prevents the driver from taking the start
    2. Re-run the event later in the season
    3. Erase points from that event so it doesn't affect the final championship


Vehicles and Setups

  1. Vehicle restrictions and setup options will be announced prior to the start of each season.
  2. Car choice is made at the beginning of a season and cannot be changed
  3. Race number will follow a driver unless the software used restricts this, in which case it will be allocated when the car is selected and will stay with the driver for that season.
  4. Damage will be on for each race
  5. Traction control and ABS will be allowed
  6. Tire Wear and fuel will be set to the most realistic option available
  7. Gearbox will be manual paddleshift.



  1. All drivers must be using the agreed software for their division including anti-cheat or driver rating add-ons. Full details of add-ons required will be provided on peachstatepca.org prior to the start of the last open practice session preceding the season.
  2. By participating in a Peachstate PCA Sim Race you agree to that race being broadcast


Driving Standards

  1. Deliberately crashing into another driver or forcing them off-track will not be tolerated.
  2. Any protests from drivers who think they have been the victim of poor driving must be brought to the attention of the admins immediately after the race citing lap number and driver involved. The incident will then be reviewed, and this may result in action being taken.
  3. An incident that results in both cars able to continue will be handled with a penalty of 10 seconds applied to the final race time
  4. An incident that results in a car unable to continue will be subject to a race suspension
  5. A driver that is suspended twice will be banned for the remainder of the season
  6. Drivers that are banned for repeated poor driving standards will need to demonstrate an improvement in an open practice session before being allowed to take part in any future races.
  7. As Admins may be participating in races; should an incident involve an admin then the accused driver may nominate 2 other drivers to review the race incident and determine the action that will be taken.
  8. All decisions by the admins are final



  1. To be eligible for an award a driver must compete in 4 events
  2. A trophy will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each season
  3. Trophies will be awarded at the annual members party
  4. Points will be awarded at each round and the total for the season will determine the prizes for each division. Points will be awarded as follows:
    1. 25pts
    2. 18pts
    3. 15pts
    4. 12pts
    5. 10pts
    6. 8pts
    7. 6pts
    8. 4pts
    9. 2pts
    10. 1pt