The Peachstate PCA Sim Racing Series is where members get to take their virtual race cars to virtual tracks around the world and compete against each other.  Using Project Cars 2 and iRacing we provide organized races for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 users.

When you think of video games you probably don’t think Porsche, but there’s a sub-set of video games that set out to be more than just games, they aim to simulate as accurately as possible what it is like to drive a race car on a race track.  These simulators have reached a point where manufacturers such as Porsche are actively getting involved with their development and with faster and faster internet connections becoming common, this has lead to a growth in competitive sim racing.

Most of us are not fortunate enough to be able to drive a 911 Cup car and definitely not a 919 Hybrid, so simulators are a great way to sample something of what it is like to be able to take these great race cars onto the track and race against other people.


How it works

  • Registration is handled on and it is free to race.  Registration enables us to ensure we have enough race sessions setup as each race is limited to 16-24 cars depending on platform.
  • Our races are typically held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 7pm ET and consist of 15mins warm-up, 15mins qualifying and a 30min race.
  • A typical season is 6 races long with a race held every 2-weeks
  • At the beginning of the season we hold an open qualifying round to classify people into similarly skilled groups
  • Periodically we hold an open practice to welcome new drivers into online racing and help with any setup questions
  • We will also be holding endurance races typically coinciding with major races such as Le Mans
  • For 2018 all racers will use the same car, but this may vary by season.

Click on the links on the right to find out more about what you need to get started with the Peachstate PCA Sim Racing Series and check out our calendar for the next race!

Our iRacing league works slightly differently in that all registration is done in iRacing itself.  Go to the league directory and search for Peachstate PCA Sim Racing league and request to join.

Any questions, contact us here