Rally registration is located at the Rally Start point (as defined in the announcement of the Rally event itself) and is usually held at 1:00 - 1:30PM on Rally day.

Pre-registration is not necessary for competing in a rally, although the Rallymasters always need a full contingent of rally workers prior to Rally day. If you have some concern about competing in a rally, then starting out as a worker may be very beneficial as an introduction to rallying.

At registration, the Rallymaster will assign you an “out-time.” Before that time, you will have some free time to set your watch to the “official” rally time, to socialize with other rallyists, to attend a driver's meeting, to receive the Rally Route Instructions (given to you 10 minutes before your out-time), and to prepare to start the rally at your designated out-time on the ODO leg.

Email Rally Co-Chairs James Lyle and Amy Kremer here in order to volunteer to work a rally, or if you have any questions about the rally.