What a grand day we had for our Fall Rally, the weather was wonderfully sunny and warm with just a slight fall breeze. We could not have scripted a better weather day. Fall colors were not yet at peak, but still visible in small quantities and a joy to see and experience. The 60 plus attendees ate their brats, potato & cucumber salad outside, while enjoying good conversation with fellow PCAers.

A big thank you, to the 15 Rally cars that came out to participate in this event. We had 10 TOUR and 5 SOP cars. Also, please thank the many Rally workers that make an event like this possible. CP#1: Danny & Cathy Saxton and Dale & Abby Rabeneck. CP#3: Chris & Barbara Gellner, Lauren Grant & Charline Moon. We had two DIYC (Do-It-Yourself-Control) where the participants timed themselves into the checkpoints. Dick & Carole Kjellsen handled registration, Bob Kuchenbecker gave the Rally cars a safety check. Scoring at the end was handled by James Lyle. Special thanks to Ray & Susan Morgan our VMR hosts and to Lewis Broyles, who opened VMR for us. Also to Paul & Janice Philips and Nancy Frye who handled the food purchase, preparation and set up.

All of the participants & workers, seemed to enjoy the Rally and Party. A great time was had by all.

Congratulation to the Trophy winners:

James Lyle (by himself), placed 1st in SOP with 107 points.

Ed & Lynne Gollub, placed 2nd in SOP with 154 points.

Patti Kuchenbecker & Jeff Frye, placed 3rd in SOP with 249 points

Wayne & Katherine Ahou, placed 1st in TOUR with 296 points.

Caroline & Nicholas Freeman, placed 2nd in TOUR with 405 points.

Tyler & Monica Edwards, placed 3rd in TOUR with 423 points.


For many of the TOUR Rally teams, this was the first Rally ever. Congratulations, to all of you, for finding the Rally End and the Party. Thanks…Chris & Barbara Gellner, Event Rallymasters