Countryside driving,
in your Porsche,
with a purpose.

A Rally is a timed logic contest that is driven on paved public roads, at or below legal speeds. It consists of two principles – Course Following and Timing. A fun way to state this is, countryside driving, in your Porsche, with a purpose.

Peachstate Rallies are TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) and are the only competitive events, where a team, of driver and navigator, work together to stay on course and be on time. A Rally is divided up into Legs, which are measured and timed separately and vary in length. The Rally Master will lay out the course, hopefully on low traffic, scenic country roads with the participant’s safety and pleasure in mind. It is the participants challenge to find the course and to stay on it. The object is to get you to the party at the end, while having fun in your Porsche.

The Rally team with the lowest score wins. The Rally Master has measured each leg of the Rally course. Based on speed limits and road conditions, he assigns a CAST (Change Average Speed To) for each leg segment, this establishes the official Leg time and a penalty point is awarded for each second you are early or late. Since each Leg is its own entity, early or late on one Leg cannot be made up on another Leg of the Rally. The object of this game is for your Leg time to be exactly the same as the official Leg time.

Peachstate has two Rally classes. SOP (Seat of the Pants) is our competitive class, allowing only driver and navigator in the Rally car. The TOUR class is for new or occasional Rallyists and also allows extra passengers in the Rally car. The Rally route instructions are more detailed for the TOUR class. Each major turn along the route is explained, to keep the participants on course and to enhance the understanding of the General Rally rules and how they are applied.

What to bring to a Rally? A clipboard or notebook, pencils, a timepiece (digital is best), a copy of the ‘Rally Generals’  and whatever libation you desire at the after Rally Party.

To play this game, you need to understand the rules that govern it, so we do offer a Rally School, where in a classroom setting, the Rally Generals are explained. This is followed by a short Rally, to apply that which was just learned. Be sure to preview the information to be covered at Rally School by watching the Rally School Videos available on this website. The first rule of rallying is to have fun and the second is to always be nice to your Rally partner.

Although, we would like for you to bring your Porsche to Peachstate Rallies, you may participate in any street legal, registered vehicle. We hope to see you at this year’s Rally events.