At Road Atlanta, your first order of business is registration. Registration is located in a new stand-alone building fitted with registration windows. The building is located past the driving school buildings on the west side of the racetrack front entrance. There is paved parking for cars, but not cars and trailers. Please park trailers on the adjacent gravel road, or on the paved portion of the upper parking lot. Your Registration Team's goal is to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. You can help us by presenting your state issued driver's license (required by PCA insurance) at the window. Each entrant must present themselves at registration—crew or friends cannot register for you. You will be asked to sign two release forms: one for Road Atlanta, and one for Peachstate PCA. You will be issued the appropriate wrist band and are required to show the band to the guard at the gate to gain access to the track for the weekend. You will not be allowed into the track until you register.

The team will then provide you a packet including your run group sticker, a copy of event schedule, an entrant list, an event shirt or gift, and other promotional material. We will verify your car number, car type, year, and color. If you have changed any of those items since the time of registration, you will need to let the Registrar know at registration. We must have accurate records in order for the tower to communicate with the corner workers and committee. Your car number is confirmed at the time you are accepted into the event.

If you are an instructor, your student's name will be noted on the sticker on your event schedule. If you are a student, your instructor's name will be noted on your event schedule. If you have never been to Road Atlanta, or the Chief Driving Instructor deems it prudent based on your known experience level, you may be designated for a "course check". One of our instructors will be designated to ride with you during the first run session on Saturday morning. Our aim is to provide for a safe event for all participants.

If you have guests or crew with you, they will each need to come to the registration window, sign the release forms, and get a wrist band. If you have minor children with you, you will be required to sign a "Minor Waiver" on their behalf. Any guests or crew who arrive after registration closes Saturday morning will just go directly to the Road Atlanta front entrance guard gate, and the guard will provide the release forms and wrist bands.

If you have any questions about the weekend schedule, please do not hesitate to ask at registration. We're here to assist you.

Have a terrific, safe event!