Spectating: If you've never attended a Driver's Education (DE) event and want to check it out, the first step is to check the Peachstate PCA DE calendar page to see when the next event is scheduled. Spectating is free, and open to all PCA members to come and get a feel for what goes on at a DE. Members are also welcome to attend any of the educational classroom high-performance driving sessions, watch the event from the pit area, as well as drive around the track infield area to view the track from any of Road Atlanta's twelve corners. Driving Committee members, perhaps busy with their volunteer duties, are nevertheless always happy to answer your questions and explain what is taking place.

Track Touring: We also offer a Track Touring session on Sunday morning to allow folks to drive their street cars on the Road Atlanta racetrack to experience it from the comfort of your own car. Any licensed driver, in any type of street legal, muffled car or truck, who have paid a $20 donation to our select charity, can experience a number of laps behind a pace car at reduced speeds. Family members and friends are allowed to ride along during the track tour. Its a great way for first-timers and their spouses, who are not quite sure what is actually involved in a DE, to experience firsthand both the structure and the safety measures involved in a DE. Peachstate PCA's Driver's Education program is nationally renown for outstanding safety and excitement, and Track Touring is a good way to see this firsthand.

Beginner DE Students: If you decide that participating in a DE is something of interest, please see Peachstate PCA's outstanding DE Manual, which one of our members has assembled both for beginner and advanced DE students. I recommend that you print yourself a copy (yes, it is long) and take the time to read carefully, think it over, and read it again. You will find that safe, high-performance driving at speed involves keeping up with many things at once, so it is easy to get overwhelmed if you are not adequately prepared. Years of experience on our part has proven that taking the time to read the DE Manual and familiarize yourself with its content prior to arriving at your first DE will greatly reduce any fear and intimidation, getting your more comfortable with the whole process. It will also help you literally get to speed comfortably, and above all, safely. Many of the "Stupid Basic Questions" that we all have, but may not want to ask in public will be answered in the DE Manual, and it will greatly increase your confidence and fun for the weekend.

That is the first step…just come on out and get involved. Enjoy a thrilling and wonderful event with great people at a world-class racetrack in a safe and award-winning program.

On behalf of the Peachstate Driving Committee Staff…I invite you to come out and have some fun!

Bill Crumley—Track Committee Co-Chair