The Peachstate Drivers
Education Program is
run in accordance with

the PCA National Driver Education Minimum Standards. All of our instructors are experienced and certified by PCA. We provide structure to allow totally inexperienced drivers to become familiar with the principals and techniques of High Performance Driving and put them into practice on the track under Instructor guidance. The Peachstate DE Program has advancement levels that allow for students to rise to more advanced run groups as their skills progress. With track time and high performance driving experience, candidates may be signed off to run by themselves as Solo Drivers. If interested, Solo Drivers can be themselves trained as certified National PCA Instructors.

Peachstate will offer two DEs in 2018, June 9-10, and October 6-7. For those of you who have driven in our DE events in the past, 2018 will offer a few changes. We are planning the weekend schedule to include longer driving sessions, up from 20 minutes to about 30-35 minutes. This change will result in greater track time for all groups. Last, remember that helmets need to be either SA 2010 or SA 2015 Snell certification. Helmets with any M Snell certification or those with certifications from 2005 and older do not meet the PCA National safety requirements, and cannot be used in Peachstate DE events.