There are few thrills in life
that rival those of driving
a performance automobile
at high speed.

Although enjoyable, the dangers and risks of driving much above the speed limit on American roads can have serious consequences. Modern technology has given us cars with capabilities far above those required for everyday driving and so most drivers never really get to test their car's performance potential, or their own for that matter.

The Peachstate Region of The Porsche Club of America allows you the opportunity to drive at high speed in a safe and structured environment in our Driver Education Program, while teaching you techniques that make you a better and safer driver. The Peachstate DE Program is run in accordance with PCA National Driver Education Minimum Standards. All of our instructors are experienced and certified by PCA. This program is structured to allow totally inexperienced drivers to become familiar with the principals and techniques of High Performance Driving and put them into practice on the track under Instructor guidance. This program has advancement levels that allow for students to rise to more advanced run groups as their skills progress. With track time and high performance driving experience, Candidates may be signed off to run by themselves as Solo Drivers. If interested, Solo Drivers can be themselves trained as certified National PCA Instructors.

For over 25 years Peachstate has been fortunate to utilize the world famous road racing course at Road Atlanta as the home base for our outstanding DE program. We look forward to you joining us for a fun and instructive weekend. We should point out that you may become addicted to this experience; some of our DE drivers have been participating with us for years. Actually, we hope you try and enjoy the DE experience, and become a regular participant with Peachstate and other Regions' DE events!

For those who feel they are ready for the next level, Porsche Club has developed their own Club Racing Program that runs nationwide, this year celebrating its 26th year. There are classes for all models of Porsche. To obtain a license for this series, Candidates must run the required number of DE weekends and then complete a Sign Off Check Ride with the Region's Chief Driving Instructor before applying for their Rookie License and the Racing School Training Weekend. For those racers with an existing license and experience in other venues, please contact the PCA National Club Racing Office to determine if you have a reciprocal license privilege.