Driving safety and fun are paramount objectives for Peachstate Region Porsche Club of America driver's education instructors. Not only do our driving instructors provide a written performance evaluation of their student, but also the students provide a written performance evaluation of their driving instructor. We read and record the important points of these comments to commission and decommission driving instructors to keep our program performance at an optimum level of safety and fun.

Just as great athletes don't necessarily make great teachers of their sport, so also don't great drivers necessarily make great driving instructors. Temperment, driving skills, and communication skills are key parts of the Peachstate Region high-performance driving instructor selection process. And for these reasons, instructor candidates are almost always hand-picked by the Peachstate Region Track Committee members. However, if you are interested in going through the training process, feel free to let your interest be known to the Track Committee chairman or co-chairman. Instructors are selected and trainined according to the need and attrition of other instructors.

Peachstate's instructor training program includes the following seven topics:
  • Attributes that make a good instructor
  • Rules for instruction
  • School classroom material
  • Student introduction
  • On-track procedures
  • Teaching techniques
  • Track evaluation
Certification training lasts usually for one day, and is held at a track in conjunction with a DE event. Instructors who successfully pass the final testing, which includes an on-track "student from Hades" session recieve Porsche Club of America certification, and are assigned an instructor number, as well as a few commemoritive driving instructor stickers. You may read more about this training here.