Is My Car Eligible?

Generally speaking, any hard-top or soft-top Porsche with a roll bar is eligible for Peachstate DE events.  Hard-top Porsches do not require a roll bar.  Soft-top Porsches without roll bars are not eligible.  All targa tops must be installed, unless there is additional roll over protection.

What about my Cayenne?

Cayenne’s have run successfully in other regions events,  but not yet with Peachstate.  If you are interested in doing a DE event in your Cayenne, please get in touch with the driving committee.

Am I Eligible?

If you are over 18 years of age, have a current drivers licence and are a member of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), then, yes, you are eligible.  If you are a Porsche owner but are not yet a member of PCA, you may read about membership at the PCA Web site  where you may also download an application form.  PCA membership allows you to nominate a family member or friend to be a member at no extra cost.

Can I Participate If My Car Has An Automatic Or Tiptronic Transmission?

No problem. A manual shift is not a pre-requisite for a DE event.  In fact, as a beginner, learning may be simpler as you do not need to be concerned with shifting on the track.  Come along and give it a try.

Will A DE Event Harm My Porsche?

Porsche’s have followed a long tradition of over-engineering its components and as a beginner it is unlikely you’ll be stressing any of its mechanical components.  The old saying that "Every Porsche Built is a Race Car" has a solid foundation.  They are built to be driven and are in their element on the track.  Cars used for DE are often better maintained than street-only cars with owners ensuring they are in tip-top mechanical condition. A pre-event technical inspection ensures it is in safe and suitable condition for your DE event.

Some people may be concerned about stone chips or other cosmetic damage.  A good coat of wax, along with judicious use of a bra and/or racers tape can all but eliminate any cosmetic damage.  That said, if you are overly concerned about an occasional stone chip, DE may not be for you.  Come and join in our Concours events instead!

Is My Car Insurance Valid On The Track?

The short answer is "probably not." This is a constantly evolving area and one of the noticeable trends over the last couple of years has been the addition of clauses in standard insurance polices that effectively exclude coverage at DE events.  It is possible to get insurance specifically for DE events.  PCA has relationships with Lockton Affinity for HPDE Insurance and Leland West for track-use-only cars at preferred rates.  You may also seek coverage from other providers, if you choose.

Do I Have To Make Any Modifications To The Car?

If you are a beginner attending your first few DE days the answer is “No”.   Once you graduate to higher “run groups” you may want to add various other safety or performance enhancements. If you are thinking of installing harnesses, please read the PCA rules for such modifications.

Do I Need A Helmet?

All drivers are required to have a SNELL SA2010 approved, or newer, helmet for this event. You will not pass onsite technical inspection unless you have a helmet which meets this safety standard - no exceptions. Motorcycle or "M" rated helmets are absolutely not permitted.

Do I Get Instruction?

As a beginner or novice you will receive both classroom instruction and on-track instruction.   In the classroom sessions you will be briefed on the terminology that will be used by your instructor, basic performance driving concepts, safety and flag meanings etc.  An instructor is assigned to you for the weekend and they will provide real time coaching to improve your skills.  There is no extra charge for instructors.

What Happens If It’s Raining?

The event is run come rain or shine although if conditions are extremely poor the Chief Instructor may cancel run sessions. Of course, when it is wet you will be driving somewhat slower as your tire grip will be reduced.

Can Both Myself and My Spouse Drive At An Event?

If you are going to share a car you will need to be in different run groups.  Of course if you have ‘His’ and ‘Her” Porsches you have no such problems!  Please contact the event registrar if you have further questions about registering with a co-driver.

Can Family Members Or Friends Ride With Me?

Only registered drivers are permitted on the track and if there is a second person in your car they must be an instructor. So you won’t be able to go out with you spouse or with friends.  Once you have progressed out of the beginner’s group why not share your car with your spouse and both experience Driver Ed?

However, on Sunday mornings charity “Track Touring” rides are possible.  Cars, vans and SUV’s  drive in low-speed convoy around the track and you are welcome to drive your friends and family around in your Porsche, SUV, or any other vehicle.  The Touring sessions are used to raise money for a local ‘good cause’ and a minimum charitable donation of $20 per car is requested.

Can I Get A Refund If I Have To Cancel?

Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund less $100 cancellation fee for cancellations RECEIVED IN WRITING after acceptance and by 7 days prior to the event. ANY cancellation received after the 7 day period is ineligible for any refund. “Received in Writing” means received at the event registrar email address, with receipt requested here.  Administration fee for returned checks will be $50.