Instructing should be a rewarding experience for both the student and the instructor.  Peachstate believes this means instructors should only have one student so they can focus their efforts, and there should be at least one run session between the student’s group and instructor’s group, so there is not a rush to get in or out of the car.  We also believe in matching the student’s car type with one the instructor has experience, where possible.

With these in mind, the Chief Instructor will select instructors from those entered in the event and artfully match them to students.  It is not a perfect process, as it depends on who has registered for the event, but it is a goal.

Given this process, it is difficult to entertain “special requests” for instructor-student parings.  We will consider such requests, but make no commitments on being able to make them happen.

Also, because this program is run under PCA guidelines and all instructors must meet PCA and Peachstate requirements, we do not facilitate ‘paid coaches’ as instructors for DE students.  If you desire that type of relationship, a Test & Tune or Open Track Day is a better format.