All registration for Driver's Education events is done via the online service,  If you do not already have a profile set up on, we recommend that you set up your profile now in order to expedite the process of actually signing up for your first Peachstate event. Signing up on is useful not only for DE registration, but also for registration for other types of events held by Peachstate PCA and other PCA region events.

Historically, Peachstate DE events sell out quickly, with some run groups selling out within hours of the official registration opening time, and the entire event selling out within a day or two of the posted registration date. We recommend you sign up as close to the opening time as you can to improve the chance to be accepted. Your priority is determined by the time stamp for receipt of your payment, so use of the on-line payment option is highly recommended. Entrants who register after the appropriate run group is filled are placed on a waitlist. We offer the opportunity to move from wait list to accepted status based on the same timestamp priority, as cancellations occur.

Again, please be aware that the date and time of receipt of your registration will determine your priority for acceptance into the event.

Refund Policy
Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund less $100 cancellation fee for cancellations RECEIVED IN WRITING after acceptance and by 7 days prior to the event. ANY cancellation received after the 7 day period is ineligible for any refund. “Received in Writing” means received at the event registrar email address, with receipt requested here.  Administration fee for returned checks will be $50.