Peachstate Concours events
are a wonderful place to socialize
with other Porsche owners
trade preparation tips
and Just have FUN

A Peachstate Concours event provides a wonderful opportunity for having an enjoyable Sunday afternoon family experience.

Have you ever attended a Concours? If not, then 2018 is the year! If you have attended in the past, then plan to join other club members for another spectacular year of pristine Porsches on display at great locations. All of the wonderful venues that made 2017 a successful year will again be available to host our 2018 Concours events.

Based on the fantastic response to our introduction seminar for first time Concours participants, the season will get started on Saturday March 17th with a combined Concours School and Judges training program. The Concours School provides members with a briefing on the protocol, rules and information to help prepare for participating in a Concours. This session will help reduce some of the intimidation of what will be a fun experience. A review of some helpful preparation techniques will also be discussed. The Judging program will provide training for members who are interested in becoming Concours Judges.

The next event on the calendar is our first Concours of the year. On Sunday May 6th will be the "City of Norcross Concours" at the Lillian Webb Park. In June, Porsche Atlanta Perimeter will be our host for the "Jim Ellis Concours" at their dealership on Sunday June 24th. The third Concours event of the year will be held at Hennessy Porsche in their air-conditioned service area. The "Hennessy Concours" is on Sunday July 29 th and is also open to all club members, even those who have not participated in a Concours. Our forth Concours will be on September 1st during the club's annual Rennfest event. The final event of the season will be the "Porsches and Planes Concours" on Sunday October 14th at the Stoney Point Airfield in Cumming. All Concours events are open to both club members and the public, so plan to attend and bring your friends, especially those friends who also have Porsches.

If you haven't shown your car in the past, consider entering a Concours in 2018. All Porsche owners are welcome and all models and years are desired. For those new to Concours we will continue our successful "Rookie' program. Concours entrants will be divided into 2 groups, "Rookie" and "Experienced" based on their participation in previous Concours events. Those entrants who are participating for the first time, OR who have participated in only one Concours in a previous year will have the opportunity to compete in the "Rookie" group. Those who have participated in Concours previously will compete in either the "Street" Class or "Touring" Class of Preparation Group with the experienced participants. Best prepared cars will be recognized and awards presented in "Rookie", "Street", and "Touring" groups.

The new "Rookie" award categories will enable new entrants to participate on a level playing field, instead of competing against experienced Concours club members as in the past. It will also encourage "Rookies" to attend multiple Concours events to gain experience while meeting even more Porsche enthusiasts during the year. Continuing the "Rookie" program is aimed at ensuring the Concours events deliver member value and provide a "FUN" environment for all, participant and spectator alike. We will also continue the "'Rookie of the Year" award to recognize the best prepared car and owner.

Be sure to keep abreast of all Concours events and results in upcoming email blasts, club postcards, and in the Concours section of our club website.