Hello and welcome to the
Porsche Club of America's
Peachstate Region.

I'm Rod Johnson, a PCA member since 2008. The Porsche Club of America (PCA) has assigned you to this Region based on your supplied address. PCA is a national car club based in Maryland and is divided into over 140 Regions in the US and Canada. Peachstate is one of the largest regions and basically covers the greater metropolitan Atlanta area. Although our members are different in age, models we drive or collect, and a host of other attributes; we unite in the shared love and passion for this brand of automobile. Peachstate is where active Porsche owners meet. We aren't for every Porsche owner, just those that like to play with their car!

Play for us means to socialize, take fun short tours, show our cars, rally, autocross, track, race, learn how to driver better/safely, or just discover more about Porsches. Check out our Calendar page for all the events we either host or participate with other PCA Regions. The easiest way to get involved is come to a social held the 2nd Monday of just about every month. A more fun way is to pick an event you like, follow the directions to attend on the website, and join in the event. Our events run pretty much all year so there is something to do every month.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization, meaning all this fun takes folks graciously sharing their time to make our events happen. There is not a better way to meet new friends and learn more about your car and this brand than pitching in to help us execute an event. Volunteer opportunities exist for every activity, usually at any skill level. See our newsletter; the Peachstate Presse for the current ones.

Feel free to contact any of the Board Members if you have questions about how to become a member or how to make the most of your membership in this great club of likeminded aficionados.

Let's have fun with our Porsches!

Rod Johnson